We know development expertise is not the only critical factor in the water. You need
assurance of continuity, security, and managerial control.


A service model that works for you.


Suite 900 assures you continuity of work. No more issues of employees coming and going or unavailability of free-lancers preoccupied with other commitments when you need them. With our managed web developers and company-wide coding standards, you won't need to worry about interruptions or coding conflicts.


You don't have to worry that your web developer is shirking at home, feet up, watching TV, while reporting to be working on a code issue. Your Suite 900 web developer reports full time in our corporate offices. And you’d be amazed how often coding issues are resolved even in our break room.


A web developer preoccupied with task management and QA is inefficient. We take these functions and place them in the hands of a QA specialist and dedicated project manager. This maximizes development time for your work and promotes the efficiency you need to ensure your tasks go smoothly.


With Suite 900, you will reduce your company’s headcount and the red-tape costs of hiring on-site web development staff—salaries, benefits, taxes, unemployment insurance, overhead, and other expenses. Our service model is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to get the job done. It just makes sense.


Cost effective solutions. Up front transparent prices. You're in the right place.

At Suite 900 we aim to provide you the best possible experience—top notch deliverables, and unparalleled service—at reasonable rates. Our service fees are normally 35 - 43 percent lower than the statistical salary published by your country's department of labor.

We understand the feeling of completing a questionnaire without any idea of pricing—that suspicion of being quoted based on your equity. Our published service prices represent the highest amount you would pay. Straightforward. No equity pricing strategies.


For some clients, the idea of outsourcing work thousands of miles away from home fosters concern of
losing managerial control and insight to progress. Suite 900 keeps you at the helm.

Reporting and Communication

Clear communication and collaboration with you is vital to maintaining transparency and keeping you at the helm. Milestone timelines and defined expectations are established right from the start. Throughout the development lifecycle or your service duration, we provide daily reporting so that you can monitor and direct our progress. Regular email/chat communication and round-the-clock access to our task management tool and staging platform ensure you maintain full managerial reign.

Task and Project Management

We align with your company's objectives. A project or operations manager will be your single point of contact to ensure the developers properly fulfill your tasks, answer your questions, and provide you updates. Our managers collaborate directly with our senior programmers, use an agile approach, and have exceptional problem-solving skills to deliver.

service model

Securing your data

We take steps to safeguard your critical data and ideas from compromise.

Quality deliverables & services

Expect to receive the same quality service you get at home. Perhaps better.

Boats Outmaneuver Tankers

Get the flexibility most bigger companies just can't match.

At Suite 900, we adapt to the way you do things. We don’t funnel you through an assembly line. Our leaner, cohesive, family-like structure extends to you with fewer layers of management, so you experience less red tape and more personable service. Your goals become our own. We take personal interest in attaining them. Beyond that, we continuously seek to better serve our clients. Most of our service improvements are results of feedback from clients just like you.

Keeping It Real

We know that painting a pretty picture just isn’t realistic. Even among the best of us, things can go wrong. But we do respond rapidly to concerns with genuine interest in your satisfaction, rectifying issues before they spur crises, and taking necessary steps to prevent recurrence.

That's our commitment to you.


When it comes down to it, it's all about our ability to deliver

Synergizing with You

We align with your business objectives beginning with identifying your needs, determining the processes, setting targets, and continuously measuring our progress against them.

Reviewing Our Processes

We regularly review quality control process against industry coding benchmarks (e.g., W3C), our internal coding standards, and performance of others in our industry.

Staying Up-To-Date

We encourage continuous learning and provide access to resources for self-advancement to make sure our developers remain up-to-date with current technologies and learn new ones.

A workflow that works

We make sure you get the results you want. This is how we do it.

1. Learn

First, we need to learn about you, your audience, your industry’s players, and what works for you. During this phase, we establish your expectations, and schedule for updates.

2. Execute

We delve in to bring your goals to reality during this development stage. We update you based on the schedule we’ve agreed on, so you can focus on core aspects of your business.

3. Assess

This is where we ask, "Does it work?" We evaluate your project or task at each step to make sure it meets your expectations. Our QAs and project managers play key roles here.

4. Loop

Our workflow continuously loops between assessment and execution. This agile process allows us to monitor progress and implement solutions that result in the final deliverables.


Whether you are in the Americas, the Pacific, or Europe, you benefit outsourcing to Suite 900.

Based on an international survey by Tholons, the leading full-service strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and investments, Cebu surpassed 93 cities to rank seventh, besting numerous cities in India, Czech Republic, Poland, China, and Malaysia.

–Tholons 2016 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations

As of December 2010, the Philippines surpassed India as the leading BPO service provider. The winning combination of education, technological skill, work ethics, dedication to quality, and English proficiency sets the Philippines apart from the rest.

–IBM Global Location Trends Annual Report

Reduced labor cost

Concentrate your revenue and time toward your core business activities.

English proficiency

As one of the Philippines' two national languages, you will not experience a language barrier.

Cultural similarity

You will appreciate the similarity of speaking, writing style, design, and entertainment.

Proximal time zone

Just three hours behind Sydney. We're flexible to meet your American and European work hours too.


Speak directly with our project managers who understand your technical needs.
No sales people. No gibberish. No fluffy promises.



Review our services. Use our form or schedule a chat at your convenience.



Share your goals, get your questions answered, establish plan of action.



We'll tailor a service plan or project proposal for your review.

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