The 4 biggest content marketing errors to avoid in 2015

The 4 biggest content marketing errors to avoid in 2015Every blogger will surely write about this year’s content marketing trend, if not their New Year’s resolution. So, I dare blog for 2015.

Advancement, my friend.

2014 is the year to visualize the you, the new, the free, and the now. I bet you heard about these powerful marketing words, but 2015 will make them happen.

#4 Drunk blogging about content marketing

(Take note: I started with #4. This ends with the #1.)

Re-visit your old blog posts. Do you feel the urge to re-write them all over again?

Lessons should be learned this year, not in 2015.

Most writers are jammed even before they can type an introduction. You probably heard about writer’s block. Avoid this by defining your demographics and driving your content to the specifics. Using how, what, why, and where may be proven catalysts to create articles, but too general as topics, not to mention, cliché. Start working out great headlines for your content, or you’ll be dead in the water even before your readers decide to read your next sentence.

The majority of bloggers rarely edit their own work, but this is not an excuse to post poor quality content. Ernest Hemingway once put it:

“Write drunk; edit sober.”

If you can barely afford an editor, double check your content to avoid harassing your readers with typographical and grammatical errors, or exposing yourself to a plagiarism lawsuit. Neglect these errors and you damage your authority as a content marketer. Make it a habit to edit or run your content through online grammar tools. They are often free and easy to use.

Do not be the drunken blogger whose content is slurred to Neverland.

Choose to establish you as an online content marketing authority.

#3 Rehashing content marketing articles

The hype of using social media platforms’ functionalities and features as content subjects is dead. Anyone who believes otherwise is conventional, or simply, old. (No pun intended.) You don’t have to go with the flow all the time. Create your own curve. For example, rather than writing about the latest number game in Facebook, or how to properly use the #Twitter hashtag, blog about the reasons why wearable technology limits social media integration instead–serious technical stuff, but it’s pretty interesting because the information is brand new. Conventional writing may be safe, but it will not generate enough leads to your website.

Readers dig anything new.

Research, stay updated with the latest trends, and deliver fresh, bold content. Always choose to write something new.

#2 Content marketing without branding

Your brand should not be how you want to perceive your business but how your buying personas perceive it to be. The importance of defining your demographic cannot be understated. Communicate your brand’s meaning to your target market and marry your business goals to your consumers’ expectations to create brand experience. This is how content marketing should establish your brand.

Here’s an infographic on different content marketing options that can guide you on how to properly spread awareness about your business.

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding - Infographic
Click here for the full-sized infographic.
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

Do not hold your reigns when you’re getting your brand across your consumers. Your authority as a business owner should set you free from traditional marketing strategies that don’t work. Choose to be free.

#1 Overkilling search engine optimization

The most common and biggest mistake content marketers commit in making their website visible online is entirely relying on search engine optimization. Online visibility is very important but so is maintaining your content’s value. You cannot underscore the importance of landing on search engine results pages (SERP) by dropping quality content, or vice versa.

Your content still has to be good or nothing will set it apart from a lousy movie that has great marketing.

Your content needs to stand out, now.

Avoid making these mistakes and you’ll do great in 2015.

Way to go!

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