6 Major Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

You are probably wondering why your website just isn’t getting the traffic it needs when you have put in a lot of effort to make it look good to your visitors.

Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

I hate to break this to you, but you’re probably not being smart in the development of your website.

This is why your website sucks.

1. You are not considering every facet of web development.You may have considered content marketing. You’ve even been blogging a lot. But, can your visitors read your content through their mobile phones and tablets? You cannot neglect other important factors.

Tip: Although content is the heart and soul of your website, you also need to consider other elements of web development. Design, content marketing, scalability, website responsiveness, search engine optimization—these also play a big role in preventing your website from becoming non-existent. Every aspect of web development is of equal importance. Assess your website’s performance right now and jot down what needs fixing.

2. You’re not plotting your goals realistically. If you want to get things done for your website, list all your goals. Be clear, and be specific. Map the achievement of your goals through the completion of smaller manageable tasks. For example, instead of saying that you will launch your website this coming Thursday, a more realistic approach would be: “I will finish incorporating all the images into my website before end-of-day Thursday.” This kind of bite-size approach will help you realize your goals.

3. You are hiring the wrong guy. True, at just a snap of your fingers, you can have plenty of freelancers available to offer their services at a very low fixed price. But, before you even start worshipping these guys, ask yourself: are you truly getting your money’s worth? You’ll be hard pressed to find a freelancer who can cater to all your website needs, and you can bet the truly exceptional guys are usually booked.

Tip: Save yourself from the worries of unfinished projects or late turnaround times. Rather than putting the future of your business and website at the mercy of a single person—a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none—consider assigning your web development and marketing tasks to a multi-faceted team of experts.

4. You lose sight of small details. Often, it is the small details that get neglected. Your website’s font could be one. Your website’s design may be great, but your font’s size or font face just might sting your visitors’ eyes, driving them away instead.

Tip: Consider the infographic below to guide you on the types of fonts you should use on your website.

The psychology of fonts
Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

5. Poor User Experience (UX). Your website must appeal to your site visitors’ senses. We have discussed text size being large enough to read. Colors should be complementary or work well together. Buttons should be organized for smooth navigation. We won’t even get started about images. Remember, the first impression is the lasting one. And don’t fail to consider your website’s loading time. It should be fast. Consider all these if you want your visitors to stick around. These are some of the things that contribute to what is called user experience, or UX.

Tip: If your website lags too long, or if your colors are improperly coordinated, do something about it or you run the risk of getting a high visitor bounce rate.

6. You don’t know when to say goodbye. Most business owners who outsource web development tasks, often stick with their service provider even if they’re not getting their money’s worth. If you consider the hassle of finding the right web developer, or sending out instructions all over again, you just might find it easier to put up with bad service.

Tip: You better learn to say goodbye no matter the hassle ‘cos you ain’t gettin’ no miracle!

The decision is yours.

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