The 7 big fat lies your freelance web designer tells you

It’s Christmas Eve. I’m 5 years old. My anticipation for Santa Claus bringing my gift keeps me awake, alert for any footsteps or reindeer hooves on the rooftop.

My heartbeat stops. I hear footsteps!

I jump out of my bed and run towards the living room, only to find my dad putting a gift inside my Christmas stocking.

We catch each other by surprise—what soundtrack could be more perfect for this moment than I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.

Lies of a Freelancer Web DesignerI must tell you… I cried.

I feel cheated.

Isn’t this the same feeling you get when you are made to believe that your trusted web designer has, in truth, been screwing you?

Can you imagine yourself believing in Santa Claus at 26?

I can’t.

Hush now, and let me unveil the truth…

Here’s the thing:

Many web designers are actually better at designing lies. Here are their 7 most common fabrications.

“I have all the skills you’re looking for.”

Really? You can’t be the Jack of all trades. A person can only be an expert of one or two, and be fair with others. The same goes for your web designer, who is an unlikely to be an expert in search engine optimization, as she would be in law—same industry, but completely unrelated. So don’t believe that your web designer can do everything. It’s not gonna happen! This is the reason why hiring an offshore web development team is still more advantageous for your business.

“I can finish the project on time.”

The problem with hiring a freelance web designer to do the entire job is the absence of a substitute whenever your freelancer calls in sick, or needs to attend to personal affairs. You might even end up finding another web designer to do the job all over again if your designer never returns. This is the problem that most business owners who outsource to freelancers, find themselves getting trapped in.

“I guarantee daily communication.”

I hate to break this to you, but you can never guarantee daily communication. Aside from the fact that you are dealing with a single web designer who does the entire job for you, there will always be a time when the weather cripples the internet connection. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Daily communication will be compromised for some reason or another, so it is very important to come up with an effective communication strategy with your web designer to stay in the loop. In fact, most web development companies use a project management system (PMS) in order for the team to conveniently collaborate with each other.

“Search engine optimization will sell your business!”

Not really.

There are other key factors to consider when driving visitors to and through the sales funnel. Apart from SEO, you also need to focus on effective marketing strategies. Stay up to date with the latest social media trends. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others have quickly become the primary platforms for sharing content these days. And never compromise the importance of posting quality content. While SEO will boost your online visibility, you have to remember that content is king, and online marketing is queen.

“I’ve been working on your website issues.”

Truth is, your web designer is not really up to doing anything about your website today, and he needs to come up with an excuse for not doing so. So he tells you he’s working on all this behind-the-scenes stuff that you know nothing about. So if you hear this line, now you know what it means.

“I’m actually working on it!”

Recall a time when you asked your web designer if she has already addressed your website’s issue –whether it’s a bug issue, or a typographical one, whatever. Were you surprised to hear her say she’s actually working on it now? Pretty competent, huh? Truth is, your web designer could have said, Oh sh*t! I can’t believe you remember that! This is where PMS comes in—you remember what PMS is right?—to allow you to keep track of the assigned task.

“I can provide original content for your site.”

Yeah right!

Be very careful when your web designer tells you this, or prepare to get sued for copyright infringement. If you let your web designer to provide your content, find out if he uses plagiarism checker. If he doesn’t, ask him to send you the content and check it yourself. This is a part you cannot neglect. Not only will it hurt your page rankings on search engines, but it will also damage your brand and ruin your credibility.

Take content for granted, and it will kill your business.

You better believe it. (Smile)

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