The advantages of PMS in web development

Optimizing Web Development Team Skills with PMSLike any start-up web development company, you probably dream of growing big someday, if not sooner. By big, I mean, increase the number of team players you now have. Get more clients. Move to a bigger office space.

Yes, I speak for a web development team.

Thinking forward is great, but how much do you really know about managing and optimizing your web development team’s skills? Building a company is easy, but growing it is the most challenging.

*insert broken glass sound here*

You snapped to reality, yes?

Our very own Business Solutions Specialist, Neil Fernando once said:

“To become a true innovator, you have to find out what people need, not what they want.”

Knowing what your web development team needs—which includes knowing how to maximize their skills and potential—is a major concern you should not neglect. When you build and grow a company, you need to do two things, and you have to do them very carefully:

1. Hire and keep people who are passionate about doing what you need them to do.

2. Continue to make them realize they can further develop their skills while working with you.

Do those things, and you build a solid foundation for your company.

Here’s the real question: How do you maximize your team’s potential?

Will daily meetings with the team do it? Perhaps.

Will engaging in team building activities help? Perhaps.

This is where PMS comes in—you remember what PMS is right? The challenge and excitement in growing a company makes a project management system (PMS) an essential tool for your entire team.

Here’re the advantages of using a PMS:

1. Convenience in team member collaboration.The core element of a project management system is its centralized communication tool. It makes it easy to work with team members when issues about a particular project arise. For a start-up company, this is extremely helpful. Each team member gets updated at once about developments or issues regarding any project or task assigned to them.

2. Effortless document sharing. For a web development company, it is very important to have a tool where all team members can share any media. By using PMS, each member gets to easily share documents with other members, regardless of whether they are across the room or in another office. With PMS, you also have a platform where anyone in the team can chat with other team members and delegate tasks to them. And what’s so cool about it? You don’t have to jump to different third party websites to do all this stuff. You can do it all under one platform. You’ve probably heard about file sharing tools. If you have used Google Drive before, or Dropbox, then you have an idea on how to share documents through a PMS. This will not only promote transparency among team members, but also the real-time sharing of media.

3. Effective project management. The moment you assign a task or project to your team members, it is easier to stay in the loop regarding its development. For any business owner, or team leader, this helps you more effectively manage it. The fact that you can follow what each team member involved is doing at any time, enables you to easily monitor its progress and determine whether or not the assigned task has been properly completed, and quickly give feedback about it. This makes any revisions and changes, fast and easy.

4. Budget tracking and risk forecasting. Knowing how your web development team is handling any project because you are kept in the loop through your PMS communication tool, allow you to see what your team needs to complete it. Do they need to upgrade or buy a particular software or tool to complete your project? Being aware of how you are investing your money, and its possible risks, makes it easier to forecast if your project will give you the return your company needs.

5. Efficient organizer of assigned tasks. Save the important core meetings, somehow, this PMS feature gets rid of trivial meetings where the agenda is just about who gets to do what, or who should delegate the tasks. This also helps the team stay up to speed about scheduled tasks, even providing you a calendar that displays all the tasks that you need to complete.

6. Easy-to-use dashboard. A project management system offers convenience to your team. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can get instant notifications and task updates through your PMS inbox, through your email, or both as you prefer. You can also easily prioritize your tasks.

Undoubtedly, using a project management system is a great business solution for your team.

Isn’t it time for you to use one?

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