The 4 biggest content marketing errors to avoid in 2015

*Disclaimer: This article is not about Queen Elizabeth.

The queen, in a white satin gown embellished with seed pearls and crystals, enters the magnificent hall, in bare feet. She waves at everyone as she strides gracefully toward the king. Nearing, she suddenly grabs a Damascus steel bowie knife tucked in the waist of one of the king’s guards and plunges it through the king’s heart. As he lay dying, she laughs in victory while everyone gasps in horror.

Content is King. Who’s the Queen?Don’t you feel like you are right there witnessing that moment of treachery? The adjectives created a vivid picture in your head, didn’t they?

It’s not the story that sells it, but how you tell it. That’s online marketing, and it’s the reigning queen!

I told you this isn’t about Queen Elizabeth.

Content is king when it stokes the fire of your relationship with your readers. But if no one is reading it, how does it differ from the rotting pages of the books in your basement? Do not believe the lie that writers only need pen and paper. No.

You need to market in order for your content to be noticed and shared, and for your business to generate sales.

Here’s how.

Top 3 Online Marketing Techniques that Work

No. 1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Fact: 95% of online researchers click on the first result page that appears on search engines.

Lie: Your website won’t top the ranks among search engines.

The majority of business owners today use solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to boost their website’s online presence. A visible website has a greater chance to top the ranks of search engines. Where you appear in search engine results pages (SERP) dictates your readership.

SEO is driven by a number of key factors like relevant keywords, valuable content, backlinks from reliable websites, appropriate images, and a website design that loads quickly.

If your website’s content contains the appropriate keywords that search engines use to match the visitor’s search, chances are, the results will return a link to your site.
This results in traffic. Google’s Keyword Planner can help you generate appropriate keywords and boost your website’s online presence, giving your content, products, and services the edge to get shared. Bottom line. Sales.

No. 2 Content Marketing

Fact: 7 out of 10 consumers prefer custom publication.

Lie: Your website content won’t sell your business.

Many business owners opt for custom publication because it effectively establishes their brand. While it makes it easy to maintain blogs, it also allows you to diversify your content by incorporating training videos, podcasts, video games, or other content types to your website. Content marketing has truly expanded its field last year. Check out my next blog to find out what’s in store for 2014!

However, grabbing your visitors’ attention is not enough to generate website traffic. Quality content must still be considered. Most business owners fail to consider that producing low quality content can damage their brand. For example, spelling and grammar errors give the impression of carelessness; providing unverified generalizations weakens your authority. People will not buy your products or avail your services if they can’t trust you. Effective communication with your visitors through relevant content is, therefore, very important.

No. 3 Social Media Marketing

Fact: There are roughly 1.73 billion social media users.

Lie: All you need is a large number of followers.

Social media platforms are quickly becoming the primary way of sharing content. It is through these platforms that people easily build up an audience. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube are among the regular social media platforms people use to share information, photos, music, videos, and other media. Social media binds search engine optimization and content marketing. When ranking pages online, search engines consider the number of times specific content from your website has been or is being shared. While SEO helps your website become visible, content marketing gets it shared.

However, social media marketing (SMM) can be tricky. If you think a large number of followers will keep things rolling for your business, you’re wrong. It’s not enough. You not only need to build your audience, you also need to engage them. Establish a true community where you can interact with your visitors. For instance, you might provide an online help desk where they can voice out their issues or ask questions. This gives you the chance to show them how professional you are in addressing their concerns. This is exactly the reason why it’s called social media – you have to be social to deal with real.

Online marketing is the Queen.

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