5 deadly insecurities that breed content



How many times have I said this to myself whenever I stamp my bottom on the chair and face my laptop monitor? Twenty times, or maybe, every time I attempt to write something.

But, I always find myself getting jammed.

I keep staring at a blank page for an hour or more, before I can type a damn good sentence! Worse, I summon my impatient self even before that 25-watt light bulb appears above my head.

Sound familiar?

There are no shortcuts to writing quality content that sells. With the advancement of technology and how online marketing dictates the fate of industries today, content should be adaptable to these rapid transitions without downgrading its quality.

So, I finally decided to step out of my box and contemplate on how I can write worthy and appealing content that my readers would relate to and share–ahem! After all, content is still king!

What makes it king? The pawns. They are often downplayed by most writers. They are the small details that take a toll on your content’s excellence. But if content is king, then who’s the queen?

Read on and find out how to make your pawns work for your king.

5 Deadly Insecurities Writers Need to Ditch

Number 1. Insecurity about your writing skills. Feeling this is normal. I’d bet my life on it that all writers feel the same way. However, if you don’t dismiss your skepticism, it can kill your pages. Most writers never trash ideas before they write them. Instead, they spill the doubt and retain what matters. Some writers note down their ideas on index cards because it helps them structure content smoothly, while others prefer to keep an online journal for easy revisions. They just don’t stop writing; and if they do at some point, they always get back to it. The secret to writing is to keep on writing. So, suck it all in and keep writing!

Number 2. Insecurity about your readership. Here’s the truth: no one will read your content if you don’t know your niche. Start profiling your prospect clients or readers and find out what keeps them up at 2 am. You need to write according to their perspective. Read what they read, understand what made them read it, and take it from there. You can start grabbing their attention by coming up with a remarkable headline for your article.

Number 3. Insecurity about your choice of words. Writers love words so much often they fail to notice these words drain their readers’ interest. Check the number of times you use the same word in your attempt to relay a different message. The excessive appearance of the same word in your article diminishes the word’s value; consequently, it diminishes your authority. Notice how I used the word diminish twice in the same sentence. If I instead wrote, “The excessive appearance of the same word appearing in your article diminishes the word’s value; consequently, it weakens your authority,” it would be more appealing.

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Ernest Hemingway used just six words to relay the quoted story above. The point is to deliver your message to your readers in as few words as possible, and take out the highfaluting ones or verbiage.

You might also want to avoid further abusing the use of the words unique, great, nice, genuine, interesting, comprise, passionate, and yes… awesome! Simple word choices ensure effective communication with your readers, but overusing them in your article is just criminal. Better pull your Thesaurus out!

Number 4. Insecurity about your word count. Writers need to do a lot of research. It helps all writers get that feel of authority to gain their readers’ trust. No bluffing; just pure and honest content. Forget about word count quota and keep substance in mind instead. There is no difference between writing a 500-word article with 200 words worth of substance, and publishing a 350-word article with depth.

Number 5. Insecurity about your writing discipline. If you think you’ve been writing and revising a single article forever, it’s high time you keep a writing schedule. Set your writing goals by the day and strictly follow them–if that’s even possible. It is easier to assess yourself once you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do.

If you’ve been nodding your head to all of these, then you’re ready to take a leap of faith to make your content viral. Start today.

What about you? What are your writing insecurities?

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