From our CEO to our awesome staff, we believe in contributing to the city we call home.

Helping out with immediate needs.

Helping out with immediate needs

Cebu City has grown to become a leading player in the global BPO arena. But navigating through the streets of Cebu, it's tough to ignore the extent of surrounding poverty, especially in hidden "squatter" areas and remote communities within the city's limits. Together with our founder, the staff of Suite 900 commute to these areas to personally distribute new and quality second-hand clothing, footwear, toiletries, dental supplies, and lice treatment to indigent families. Our founding director hopes to implement a structured, quarterly schedule for this outreach.

Helping to combat key issues.

Helping to combat key issues

With the cost of education growing out of reach, feeding the impoverished is not enough to help bring change. Since 2011, we have actively sponsored the college tuitions of Cebuano youth in local colleges and leading universities. Two have so far graduated, and one is already a couple of years into her career—Jane (pictured) and Miah. We have also funded the educations of over twenty elementary and high school kids, fully covering their cost of books and stationary, projects, events, transportation, food, uniforms, and in a few cases, housing.


Suite 900’s outreach is not driven by political affiliations or religious organizations, but by the spirit of helping those less fortunate with a portion of our proceeds and our time. It is our hope that those we are able to equip toward a brighter future will one day pass it forward and aspire to build a better community.

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